Harrachov monsters

Sometimes things happen in life, like in fairy tales.

When the right time comes, they will show up to please you, scare them a little (just the naughty ones) or just

Who is it? Then you wouldn't guess.
They are " Harrachov Monsters ".


It hasn't been so long since we wrote to you that there were such little naughty monsters in Harrachov. And we remember very well that we promised you, when the time came, to tell you the first story. Who will it be about? Well, about Svornosťček, this is the first monster that appeared in Harrachov. And to make it all pretty tangled up, we met her in our Wellness Hotel Svornost in Harrachov .

invents various sheep. He lives somewhere deep underground in a hotel, and when everyone is asleep, he shows up and slips around the hotel. He will gradually visit all the children who sleep here. It's hard to see our monster, but believe me, it's here with us. What kind of gift will it be? You have to be surprised.

So come on, you won't regret it!

What about the other monsters?


This monster lives right on Devil's Mountain in Harrachov.
If you take the cable car to Devil's Mountain, you can come across it with a little luck. He'll show up here once and again here, and if you look closely, who knows, you might see him.
Like we said, it's a big mess. Once this way he managed to rock the cable car so much that she could not ride at all.
And when a strong wind is added, there is nothing left but to go to Devil's Mountain on foot. But even that is a nice and very interesting walk. So sometimes you can try it with your parents.


This nerd lives directly below the Mumlavský waterfall, exactly where the water falls over the rocks and where the big pools are. They are cold and deep and you have to be very careful not to fall there.
Mumlaváček is at home there, this is his kingdom and he pays attention to everyone who visits these beautiful waterfalls in the Giant Mountains. We think he's waiting for you there. So do not hesitate, tell your parents and go to Harrachov.
In our Wellness Hotel Svornost, the monsters have really accumulated a lot. But that's not all.


We went like this in Harrachov along the "Honey Trail", it's a very beautiful walk and a nice trip. The Honey Trail is about 5 kilometers long and you will meet it if you are really lucky and wish it very, very much, our next monster. Who else should it be but our Gingerbread Man.
We don't know if he was named after that trail or if the trail was named after that little mess, but he lives here anyway. He watches everyone who walks around, making sure no one throws garbage in the woods, so that everyone is respectful of nature. Nature is the most precious thing we have in life. If we treat her nicely, she will repay us many times. You ask how? Well, it's easy. The way we treat nature, we usually treat ourselves and our loved ones. To be kind to each other, to respect each other, to understand and be aware of each other's problems, not to be indifferent to one's surroundings, to love one's parents… .. These are all qualities that many lack.
So tell your mom and dad and come to us for a few days on vacation in the beautiful Giant Mountains. And we believe that you will be lucky and see the little monster. And not only her, you may also discover other beauties of nature that we haven't even talked about here.


This little monster lives directly in the Harrachov glassworks. From there he also got his name Sklíčko. Why this name? This monster has lived in the Harrachov glassworks for many, many years. There, he pays attention to all glassmakers who make all the beautiful things from glass. They are all kinds of vases, glasses, cups, various vessels and containers, decorative things and I don't know what else.

This little creature is their good elf, it protects them, it helps them to create more and more things and they will do mischief here and there. That is, when a glassmaker falls, for example, a glass falls at work, the vase breaks or the saucer breaks. The glassmakers are then very angry with the little elf, but he will make up for it again by helping them make something very nice next time. And so it goes on and on every day. Without this monster, no one can imagine life in the glassworks.

So if you would also like to see some of his art, come and see us in Harrachov and visit our glassworks. And so that you don't have to hurry too, dear children, you can sleep with your parents in our hotel and see other beautiful places in Harrachov. But we've written about it before ...


Dear children, as the water flows in the river, so time flies. Before you know it, it's Friday again and with him another story about our cute and naughty monsters.
Which one will be this time? Our Bobík is really one of those very interesting creatures.

Our Bobík lives directly on the Harrachov bobsled track, as we call me here in Harrachov, on "Bobovka".
The bobsleigh track is really a very interesting attraction. You can ride it all year round. It doesn't matter if it's summer or winter, our "Bobovka" is still available to you. And the ride on it is a great experience for Jarek. Our monster slips there from top to bottom and back again, making sure all the children drive carefully so that no misfortune happens. He brakes you here and there, pulls the brake without you knowing it, and when you make a turn, he adds the throttle again so that the ride is fast enough. He's just a security guard who takes care of everything. And when everything ends in the evening, "Bobovka" closes, Bobík still doesn't go to bed, he has a lot and a lot of work. She has to clean the whole track nicely again so that the next day it shines like new and so we can ride it nicely again.
So don't hesitate, come and see for yourself that it's all true.


Dear children,
the week is over again and you are definitely waiting impatiently for who we will tell you now. Another Harrachov monster is in the world. Who else could it be we haven't mentioned yet? That's right, let's talk about Horníček today. It may be impossible to find this monster. A lot of people tried, but only someone will succeed.

Our Miner lives directly underground. It is in one mining shaft, where nothing has been mined for a long time. And this shaft is located in the Mining Museum in Harrachov. There, when you visit, the guide will take you deep underground, where you will be able to see the places where miners used to mine various fluorite minerals. It's a very interesting tour. And our elf has lived here for centuries. He used to keep an eye on the miners so that nothing bad would happen to them. Now he watches over all the people who go to see these places. We have to say that he still has a lot of work to do.
From time to time, such a small light always appears at the end of the gallery, and it could be our monster.
If you're looking forward to it, hurry up so you don't miss anything.


Dear children,
holidays flow as fast as water in the river and again we have Friday. This is your day when we meet again for another story about our Harrachov monsters. Who will it be this time? Who had the turn? Some of you may already know this. Our last known monster, because there are still some that may appear in the future, is called Zoubek. Who is our Tooth? One day when I was walking along the train line from Tanvald to Harrachov in the evening like this, I noticed that this dormitory was something special.

It's not just an ordinary dormitory, because it has such teeth that our train can handle the big hill that has to go to get to Harrachov. And the track that our train travels is called "Zubatka". And when our train travels through the countryside and all its wagons are very full of children and their parents, our little mischief helps him here and there. Few people will see him, but his magical power will help our train to always reach its destination safely. And that it is sometimes very difficult, so believe me, yes.

A ride on our train is really very nice and you will definitely like it. But the train only rides here in Harrachov, so there is nothing left but to visit this amazing place and try our "Zubatka". Definitely come and you will not regret it.

Wandering with monsters around Harrachov and its surroundings

Rules of the game:
Collect stickers with monsters in the given places and win!
The game is intended for children and their companions.

For 3 stickers you win a coloring book or memory game from Harrachov monsters

For 7 stickers you win a badge from Harrachov monsters, coloring book and memory game. You can pick them up at the reception of the Wellness Hotel Svornost .

Good luck wishes " Harrachov Monsters ". our "Harrachov monsters")

Winter Harrachov monsters

Dear children,
time runs like water in the Harrachov river Mumlava. Surely you remember our Harrachov monsters, who accompanied you throughout this year. You had the opportunity to follow their interesting stories and you were with them when they rolled over, made tricks and made up various surprises.

or about the restless Glass or Bobík and about Horníček and Zoubek. All these friends from Harrachov are still here with us in Harrachov and you will definitely hear about them in 2016 as well.

However, these restless people can't ski, so they needed more friends who could replace them in the winter. And wonder of the world, another winter Harrachov monster was born this time. And what are their names? One of the monsters is Lyžníček and the other Snížek. These friends belong to Harrachov as well as their summer friends. Both monsters live at our Wellness Hotel Svornost in Harrachov, similar to our good friend Svornosťček. And since they only moved into the hotel just before the winter, they still have to take a good look so they can make fun of you and entertain you.

What have these monsters prepared for you, dear children? You'll find out soon enough and don't worry, the first story will appear soon.

Goodbye before Christmas!


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