Harrachov CARD

Harrachov offers a special discount card to all its visitors. You can save a lot of money during your holiday. The card offers countless discounts as tickets to wellness, museums, ZOO, Class-works and even season tickets and you can get it for free.


Are you planning a holiday?

Harrachov, the biggest mountain resort in western Giant Mountains, isn’t just snow and skiing, it has something to offer all year round. You can enjoy an active holiday, adrenaline experience and relaxation even in the summer and get all the discounts and benefits with the HARRACHOV DISCOUNT CARD.

There are also many ways to enjoy a rainy day with the HARRACHOV DISCOUNT CARD. Visiting an indoor pool, museums or cultural events in Harrachov and its neighborhood will surely make it a nicer holiday.

More options with Harrachov CARD

The HARRACHOV DISCOUNT CARD can be used not only outside town (Beads cutting shop & Goat Farm in Pěnčín, swimming pools, museums ect.) but also on the other side of the boarder in Poland (Thermal Spa, Western Park, Uranium mine, Bobsleigh track and many more...you only have to choose).

Thanks to the HARRACHOV DISCOUNT CARD you can experience an amazing active holiday and save the family budget at the same time.

Are you looking for an accommodation in Harrachov?
We recommend the Wellness Hotel Svornost that offers the HARRACHOV DISCOUNT CARD for free.

Wellness hotel Svornost offers Harrachov Card FREE.


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