P-SHINE Manicure

390 Czk /

P-SHINE Manicure - It is a purely natural technique nail treatment. Nails are treated with a special paste that polishes and nourishes at the same time. Small abrasive particles cover any unevenness of the surface of the nail. Nails treated this way are protected against any external effects, water, detergents etc.
P-SHINE contains beeswax, royal jelly and silica clay that comes from the Sea of Japan. Further it contains bentonite clay, delicate paraffin waxes, glycerine, panthenol, vitamins A, H, E and pro-vitamin B.
P-SHINE stimulates circulation, healthy nail growth, nail strength and important vitamins enrichment. This procedure is used against fraying and breaking nails and helps your nails to grow faster. Additionally, they look neat and shiny as with the use of a clear nail varnish. P-SHINE is a natural method of nail care, not only for women and men who desire to have manicured nails.