Honey massage

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Honey massage is special massage technique, where the therapist smears the back of the massaged person with fragrant melted honey and then he rubs the honey by slow motion in the skin of client. Thanks to nutritious substances contained in honey and to massage techniques movements the toxins are washed out. - Toxins are harmful substances, which were being accumulated in the body of the client for a long time and permanently weaken his immune system.

During the massage and depending on the amount of toxins in the body of the client, honey changes its colour and consistency. The consequence of this extremely effective manual technique is not only leaching of pollutants and therefore activation of the internal organs, but at the same time perfect total relaxation of organism.

The immediate effect of this massage is pleasant relaxation and mild fatigue. Positive effects of detoxification of the body can be evaluated after a longer time.

improving the function of digestion, immunity reinforcement
disappearance of some blood circulation problems
reduce the negative symptoms - acne, cellulite
improving of sleep quality
reduction or even disappearance of depression and migraines
analgesic effects at rheumatic diseases of muscles and joints
allergy to honey
open wounds
gastric ulcers
high eye pressure