Aroma full body massage

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Aroma massage is a combination of a relaxing massage and the healing effects of essential oils, the choice of which depends on the needs and requirements of the client. During the massage, the oil is massaged into the skin with pleasant and gentle movements, where it penetrates the small capillaries and further into the bloodstream. Thus, essential oils act in two ways: on the one hand, they enter the body through the skin and, because they are volatile substances, they are also inhaled and relatively quickly reach the olfactory center, where they further affect the nervous system and affect the client's mental state.

Aroma massage is especially suitable for relaxing muscles, removing mental tension and stress, for mental encouragement and also helps to relieve fatigue. It is also used to strengthen immunity, prevent infectious diseases and inflammation, stimulate the blood circulation and lymphatic system, as a result of which increases the leaching of toxic substances from the body. Massage is also recommended to reduce swelling or support the digestive system.