Relaxing Vanilla body care – MONOÏ

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100% relaxing body care with vanilla and Tahiti oil Monoï that lasts in average 60 minutes. Sweet and paradisiacal scent will immediately send you to the other side of world to relax for a moment:

RELAXING BODY CARE - Real escape from everyday life hemmed with paradisiacal scents and   seizing consistence for deep relax experience:

1. Isle peeling: removes dead cells and makes skin smoother thanks to sea salt, coconut shells and sand from Bora Bora
2. Isle massage balm: allows calming exotic massage thanks to Tahiti Monoï, coconut oil and vanilla extract.
3. Body lotion: beauty body lotion giving softness and decent pearl tint to the skin

Monoï (« fragrant oil» or « saint oil», Mono’i in Tahiti language) is the cosmetic product, gained by maceration of Tiare flowers in refined oil from copra (coconut pith). Monoï is the traditional product of French Polynesia Islands.  Monoï hardens at the temperature less than 24 °.