Mud pack

250 Czk /


It is a single shot lining formed by 5-mm thick layer of clay and torf mixture between two folios. Permeable non woven fabric -flizeline sheeting is applied to the skin, the lining is heated by means of portable carriers, which are applied to the other side, to impermeable folio.

Within 3 minutes, the lining temperature rises gradually up to 38 ° C, the lining keeps this temperature all the time of application. There is a slight warming of the tissue in the application site, comes to the improving of blood circulation and improving of the regeneration process in the skin and hypodermis. Linings have their application mainly in cosmetics and in chronic pain conditions in which the classic mud wrap is a great burden on the heart and blood vessels.

Indication: cellulite, supportive treatment of obesity, chronic rheumatism, arthritis

Contraindications: decompensation of heart and blood circulation, acute conditions, skin lesions, swelling