Honey wrap

330 Czk /


The wrap of fine honey foil made of pure beeswax has exceptional thermoregulatory properties.
It is a gradual transfer of heat to the human body.
The benefit of honey wraps is the regeneration of the body, which is ensured by natural waxes, resins, vitamins, trace elements, oils and enzymes contained in propolis.

  • detoxification of the organism
  • metabolism
  • skin revitalization and healing
  • soothing and relaxing joint and muscle pain
  • rheumatic diseases
  • headache and migraine
  • urogenital disease
  • improves blood circulation to the body
  • at internal stress and coldincreases momentumdisinfectant effectsContraindications: honey allergy, open wounds and skin damage, eczema, rashes, tumors, bleeding in the body, high eye pressure, thrombosis, infectious diseases, febrile diseases, inflammatory diseases.