Where to go cross-country skiing with children in the Giant Mountains

Where to go cross-country skiing with children in the Giant Mountains


  • Místo konání: Harrachov

You do not have to worry that the local mountain terrain will be too difficult for children, among the tracks in the Krkonoše Mountains you will find routes that every little cross-country skier can playfully manage. You will also like a relaxed ride. These are places where the white footprint is regularly adjusted. This year, thanks to a good amount of snow, there is no shortage of routes even in lower-lying places, such as Jilemnice or Vrchlabí. Enjoy a nice family trip in the Giant Mountains!

Even in the Krkonoše Mountains, you can find routes that are not very demanding and will suit small beginner cross-country skiers. And you don't have to drive all the way to the interior of the national park - you will find great routes around the Kačák pond in Vejsplaš, on the southern edge of Vrchlabí. The routes are regularly maintained and illuminated daily until 8 pm.

The tracks follow longer circuits towards Horní Branná and Kněžice. There are very nice routes in Kněžice, suitable for families with children, with a connection to Benecko and the Žalý lookout tower.

Jilemnická Hraběnka

The Hraběnka area with hiking and racing trails is designed for less experienced and beginner cross-country skiers. Here you will find racing tracks almost 20 km long and also a tourist running route "Be fit". This route is really for everyone; from small children to able-bodied athletes or seniors. The entire route is marked with a yellow and black sign with the words "Be fit" and a picture of a cross-country skier.

Either fit starts at a place called U cells. The route will take you around the chapel of St. Isidore, along the forest to the Hotel Vyhlídka. The path around the top of Kozinec follows, then for a while you will use the Jilemnice cycle route, cross country no.

Benecké kolečko and the route to Mísečky

For lovers of cross-country skiing, Benecko is a complete paradise. The tracks connected with the nearby cross-country ski area in Mísečky form one of the most beautiful and largest sports grounds in the Giant Mountains. A system of several interconnected circuits of different lengths and difficulties.

With small children, go to the Benecká wheel - it has a mild profile, sensational views of Kotel and the region and is located in the center of the village. The length of the route is about 1 km, it is regularly adjusted to skating and classics. The starting point is the central parking lot at the Hotel Skalka.

From Benecko to Horní Mísečky (or vice versa) it is 9 km through the beautiful Krkonoše nature along Buchar's road. You can relax on Rovinka, the famous crossroads, where you will find a kiosk with refreshments. Along the way you can visit horses with children on the farm Hucul pod Janovou horou.

Around Mumlava in Harrachov

When the cable cars run again, be sure to go on a trip to the surroundings of Harrachov with older children. Let yourself be taken to Devil's Mountain. Then go down to Jan's rock and further to Studenov. The nice journey continues along the hilly plain to Ručičky, where you can have a snack at the kiosk. Then turn to Kládová cesta, which will take you to Krakonoš's breakfast. From here you will descend around Mumlava to Harrachov.

The route is 17 km long, but mostly leads downhill. The most demanding is Kládová cesta from Ručičky for Krakonoš's breakfast. Although it leads along the contour line, it will seem infinitely long (6.5 km) to children. The path can be shortened by 3 km via Zadní Plech, but it is a path for hard cross-country skiers - we definitely do not recommend it for children. It is not groomed, it is very steep and mostly covered with a lot of snow. If children do not want to go to Krakonoš's breakfast, shorten your trip at the U Maštale tourist shelter to the Luboch crossroads in Mumlavský důl.