TIP for a bike trip! The Terex road in Harrachov or across the Three Hills

TIP for a bike trip! The Terex road in Harrachov or across the Three Hills


  • Místo konání: Harrachov

It is not particularly demanding, so even children can playfully handle it. The 23 km long route leads along an asphalt surface and part along Mumlava to Krakonoš's breakfast, then heads towards Vosecká bouda, but after a while it turns onto the Terex road. It is also known as Janouškova or Cesta over three hills - the trio of gentle climbs are alternated by short, gentle descents. The name Terex is reminiscent of a dozer (tractor with a moving blade), which was used in the construction of the road and proved its worth. Oldřich Janoušek was an employee of a forest plant and an expert on the Krkonoše Mountains, a popular narrator and well-known representative of Krakonoš in Harrachov.

The road with beautiful views of the western part of the Krkonoše Mountains bypasses the contour line of Bílý and Mrtvý vrch. Above the hunting lodge Alfrédka, it turns onto the slopes of Jakšín, Kamenec and Luboch. It ends at the main road E3 from Harrachov at customs. From the customs house you will continue down the hill to Harrachov.

Trip on both sides of the river Jizera

An undemanding trip is intended primarily for lovers of beautiful nature, who like to enjoy the freedom in an unspoiled landscape. The starting point of the trip is the railway station Harrachov. The road leads along the contour line, so almost along the plain high above the river Jizera. In clear weather, beautiful views of the Czech side of the mountains open up from here.

A gradual descent will lead us to the mountain settlement of Orle, the only settlement far and wide. After gaining new strength, we will head back to the Czech side. The road runs downhill on a rocky forest road and approaches the mighty river Jizera. Soon the river will reach the places where the wooden bridge stands. It has always stood here and formed a link between the settlement of Jizerka and the Polish side of the mountains. From the border bridge, a climb of about 1.5 km awaits you to the settlement of Jizerka, where it is possible to replenish lost forces. These will be needed for the next ascent around the Bukovec mountain along the red sign at the Jizerka - Mořina crossroads, where we turn left onto the red tourist sign and cycle path no. 3020. Valley. At the end of the trip you have to overcome another short climb to Harrachov's Mýtiny.