The Czech XCO Championship is heading to Harrachov for the first time!

The Czech XCO Championship is heading to Harrachov for the first time!

19.08.2021 - 22.08.2021

  • Místo konání: Harrachov

When: 19 August 2021 - 22 August 2021, 7:00 - 15:00
Where: City of Harrachov

The organization was undertaken by the organizers of the marathon series of mountain bikes Prima CUP and ŠKODA AUTO Czech Cup in the marathon. Similar to the marathon, the organizers come up with new features and conceive of a cross country race in a completely new direction for attractive spectators.

This year, Harrachov will become a city where two Czech bull titles will be awarded in the disciplines of the Olympic cross country and marathon.

For the first time, titles will be awarded in Olympic cross country from 19 to 22 August. The date of the race is chosen with regard to the Olympic Games, instead of the traditional 29th week of the year, until August. The participation of riders of the complete Czech XC top, including representatives, is expected. The marathon title will be awarded a month later, on September 18 at the Prima CUP - Kross Harrachov race.

It is interesting that both national titles among men are held by the Czech number one Ondřej Cink. In women, Jitka Čábelická will defend her title in cross country and Jana Czeczinkarová in the marathon.

The new Short track discipline, which riders know from the Mountain Bike World Cup, is to help the spectator-attractive Olympic cross country race. In this discipline, the national title will be awarded for the first time. The inspiration was the pioneering work of the organizers from Nové Město na Moravě, who in 2017 were the first to introduce the Short Track (XCC) race in the World Cup. For the XCC, points will be awarded in the overall evaluation of the IZOMAT Cup and the results will also affect the ranking at the start of the XCO championship race. This will strengthen the importance of the final races, where it will be possible to get more points and decide on the order of the cup. Another benefit will be the possibility to get up to 50 points in the UCI ranking thanks to the fact that the race in the Short Track at ŠKODA AUTO MČR in Harrachov is registered in the UCI calendar as a national championship (CN).

Traditionally, the team relays of the Czech Radio XCR (Team Relay) will also take place, which, as in 2020, will be divided into the categories of pupils and Elite.

The main program with Elite category races will be presented on Saturday. The domestic championship will also be counted as the final race of the IZOMAT Cup ČP MTB XCO 2021.

The IZOMAT Minime MTB CUP children's races will also culminate in Harrachov.

The ŠKODA AUTO MČR E-MTB e-bike race is also planned, which took place for the first time in 2020 in Lower Moravia.

Program ŠKODA AUTO MČR MTB XC 2021 Harrachov:

Thursday, 19. 08. 2021 XCC Short Track (Juniors and Elite)
Friday, 20. 08. 2021 XCR Team Relay (relays - pupils and Elite)
Saturday, 21. 08. 2021 XCO Cross-country olympic (Cadets to Elite)
Sunday, 22. 08. 2021 E-MTB XC and IZOMAT Minime
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