Krkonošská 70

Krkonošská 70


  • Místo konání: Špindlerův Mlýn

When March 13, 2021
Where: Spindleruv Mlyn

The public cross-country race is a legendary race for patrols as well as individuals. Krkonošská 70 is one of the oldest, longest and most demanding races in the Footprint for Life series.

Since 1955, one of the most difficult and oldest races on the Krkonoše ridges, the patrol race, has been held. For the 9th year, the race is also part of the winter series Footprint for Life, and individual races of 25 and 50 km have been held here for the same period of time.

The public cross-country race, from the Footprint for Life series, is one of the oldest, longest and most demanding races. And again this year you can take part in the Krkonoše 70 race on fatbikes on the 25 km track.

Krkonošská 70 is a challenge. Winning is not as important as contributing.

Racing routes

Race of 5-member patrols:
25 km (men, women)
50 km (men, women)
70 km (men)
start from 8:00, every 30 seconds three patrols according to the start numbers and according to the times in the start list.

Individual race:
at 25 km and 50 km
mass start by categories in the waves after the start of the patrols.