Krkonoše highway - Krkonoše ski trail

Krkonoše highway - Krkonoše ski trail


  • Místo konání: Harrachov

The Krkonoše highway starts in Harrachov at the bus station. It leads by a gradual ascent through the valley of the Mumlava river to Krakonoš's breakfast, where it turns to Vosecká bouda. Here you can also draw strength for the next ascent to the crossroads U čtyř pánů na Labská louka to the highest point of the highway 1425 m above sea level. Then the route continues to the Golden Hill and to Vrbatova bouda.

From here, the main road winds pleasantly down a wide snowy mountain road to Horní Mísečky, then along a blue ski slope or a scenic path on the slope of Medvědín to Špindlerův Mlýn. He will take skiers through the town to the Svatý Petr ski area, from where it climbs steeply to the Na Pláni hut, to Klínová boudy and to the cottage at Rozcestí.

The long-distance ski trail continues along the slopes of Liščí hora, to Lesní bouda and around Pražská bouda to Černá hora 1299 m above sea level. Furthermore, the main road leads to Rýchorská bouda, along the border ridge and the Customs Road to Horní Albeřice, to Lysečinská bouda and via Cestník to Pomezní bouda in Malá Úpa. From Rýchor you can turn to Žacléř.

A printed leaflet with a map and a description of the individual sections of the route can be obtained in ski resorts and information centers. In many places, the Krkonoše highway facilitates the orientation of a large map of cross-country trails. The main road itself is marked with a red diamond, in the maps it is then marked with a red tourist sign.

The Krkonoše Mountains offer 560 kilometers of groomed routes in the mountains and in the Krkonoše Mountains, of which 71 kilometers are the Krkonoše Highway itself and 90 kilometers are racing routes, the others are tourist routes. The race tracks and the highway are modified every morning, the other routes are usually modified after the snowfall and before the weekend.