Filming of The Last Race began in the Giant Mountains

Filming of The Last Race began in the Giant Mountains


  • Místo konání: Špindlerův Mlýn

The drama from the beginnings of skiing, which tells the story of courage, friendship and solid character as it really happened, is created in the production of Punk Film directed by Tomáš Hodan, who is also the author of the theme and screenplay.

The filming plan provides for thirty days between February and April. It is shooting in authentic places in extreme weather that is a challenge for the creators and at the same time brings greater demands on production. "We didn't want to run away from the weather to the studio, we believe that shooting at minus 15˚C in places where it all happened will be reflected in the rawness and drama of the resulting film," says director Tomáš Hodan.

The main role of Bohumil Hanč will be played by Kryštof Hádek, other characters in the historical story will be played by Judit Bardos, Marek Adamczyk, Oldřich Kaiser, Vladimír Pokorný, Vladimír Javorský, Jan Hájek, Pavla Beretová, Jaroslav Plesl, Jan Nedbal, Cyril Dobrý, Jan Hofman and others. At the beginning of February, the actors went through a hardening course to cope with extreme mountain conditions.

"For a hundred years, the story of Hanča and Vrbata has been twisted to suit the current social and political situation. The character of the athlete Emerich Rath has been completely erased. By studying period materials, we managed to reconstruct the plant minute by minute and show it without the period deposits as it really happened, "says film producer Ondřej Beránek.

Director Tomáš Hodan is fascinated by the story because of the huge sports performances, friendship and courage of these pioneers of sport in our country. "I originally wanted to make a mountain survival film. While studying period materials, I realized that this story hides the whole strangeness of the twentieth century, and I began to focus more on the historical context. In the script, for example, we deal a lot with Czech-German relations before the First World War, ”says the director, who is, for example, the co-author of the Blaník Office and the fairy tale Čertí brko.

The co-producer of The Last Race is Czech Television, Magiclab, Pavel Bouška and Petr Dědek. Production was supported by the State Fund for Cinematography, the Liberec and Hradec Králové Regions, the municipalities of Benecko, Broumov, Hostinné and Špindlerův Mlýn. The patronage was provided by the Czech Olympic Committee and the Czech Ski Association. The premiere is scheduled for February 24, 2022.

The last race

The Krkonoše Mountains before the First World War were a poor region where the Czech element clashed with the German element. At the beginning of the century, the mountains began to change dynamically, especially thanks to one novelty in the Czech lands - skiing. Bohumil Hanč was the most famous Czech skier, who won races at home and abroad. The versatile athlete Emerich Rath was the only German to regularly take part in Czech races, the other Germans from the Giant Mountains boycotted them for national reasons. Hanč and Rath knew each other well, they also met at the start of a fateful race in 1913. After the first round, the weather worsened sharply, a snowstorm broke out. All competitors gave up, Hanč was left alone on the track. Emerich Rath found him half-dead and with the effort of his own life he tried to save him, unfortunately in vain. Later, the frozen Václav Vrbata, Hanč's friend, was found in the mountains, who wanted to support him on the track and lent him his coat in a strong blizzard….

After the events of Munich, World War II and the subsequent communist coup, the story of a German who risked his life to help a Czech friend did not work, and Emerich Rath was almost erased from the well-known story. Hanč died and became a legend. Rath survived and died in oblivion as a homeless man.