Evening tours Paths of Crown Trees in Janské Lázně

Evening tours Paths of Crown Trees in Janské Lázně

06.02.2019 - 13.03.2019

  • Místo konání: Janské Lázně

When: February 6, 2019 - March 13, 2019
Where: The Crown Trees Giant Mountains, Janske Lazne

Want to experience the mysterious atmosphere of the evening forest, enjoy the adventure and have fun? We have prepared for you a series of original evening tours of the Paths, which will be held in the spirit of the game with surprise.
In addition to tramps, there are not many people who could say that they have experienced a winter night forest. At the same time, the night forest is a place full of mystery and a specific life that is worth exploring. Best by the side of an experienced guide. The tour is playful and child-friendly. An unforgettable experience will be enjoyed by visitors of the Crown Trees Trail in the Giant Mountains every Wednesday in February from 17.30 and in the first half of March from 18.30.

6.2.2019, 13.2.2019, 20.2.2019, 27.2.2019, 6.3.2019, 13.3.2019
The Crown Trees Trail in the Giant Mountains measures 1300 meters, leads 23 meters above the terrain and in two-thirds is a viewing tower 45 meters high. The whole building is barrier-free and has several adrenaline sections. On the newly-constructed path, inquisitive visitors of all ages await three didactic stops and three fun-filled stations where you can enjoy some adrenaline as you look under your feet. But you do not have to worry, everything is secure and you can not fall down. Approximately two-thirds of the trail will attract a viewing tower, which should be 45 meters high. Downhill you can ride on a dry waterslide that is over fifty meters away.

Price: 330 CZK