Children's playgrounds in the forests and parks of the Giant Mountains, freely available and paid

Children's playgrounds in the forests and parks of the Giant Mountains, freely available and paid


  • Místo konání: Krkonoše

Of course, you will also find natural playgrounds where almost everyone knows this - for example in the Giant Mountains above Špindlerův Mlýn. At the upper station of the cable car in Medvědín at an altitude of 1,235 meters, you will discover Meďánek's playground with climbing frames, slides, climbing walls and a small children's Sky Dive cable car, another playground called Krakonošův palouček is located close to the panoramic restaurant Na Pláni.

Children's park Harrachov

The children's park can be found at the lower station of the Harrachov - Čertova hora cable car. It consists of a large wooden castle, an air trampoline, a slack line and an inflatable bouncy castle. Native American tennis has also been added.

Game landscape Pecka

The most visited attraction in the Giant Mountains is the Pecka Game Landscape, which represents life in the branches of trees, in a meadow and near a mountain stream, which is typical of the Krkonoše nature. The trail at Portášova bouda at an altitude of 1062 m above sea level has more than ten sites with wooden statues depicting characteristic animals, insects or birds in the Krkonoše Mountains. Admission to it is completely free, for sale there is only a wooden ball "stone", which is suitable for exploring water and mechanical obstacles. However, the entertainment can be enjoyed without it. The game landscape consists of three units: the water world, the world in the treetops and the meadow part. One part arises in the meadow, the other in the forest and the third at the interface of the forest and meadow. An interesting feature in the forest part is a sidewalk suspended above the ground between tree trunks. They can also climb fox or badger burrows, learn to recognize animal tracks, or they can see the life-size anthill under construction.

Lemuria in Pec

Lemuria contains entrance to children's crawlers, adrenaline slides, trampolines, bouncy castle. Eight-seater trampolines will satisfy both children and adolescents or adults weighing up to 70 kg. Another attraction of the area are 4 stainless steel slides, each with a length of about 55 meters. They go down on special slides, so there is no risk of damage to clothes. Riding above ground, in a pipe or underground always ends safely at the exit of the slides. It takes a little courage to slide "Hell" - children can handle 12 meters of free fall better. And what about you adults?